Resonant Future Audio

 Sound development for mixed realities

Unleashing the power of sound to immerse and engage 


Spatial Audio

Resonant Future is proud to be at the forefront of the emerging field of Spatial Audio for AR/VR/MR.  With end to end experience we can guide your project from pre-production to 360 production sound, post-production and delivery.  





 Noisey dialogue? We specialize in dialogue editing and mixing. Does your short film, feature, game or commercial need foley or sound design  for multiple formats before broadcast? Let a professional set of ears go over your audio and give you that final polish required to meet film and broadcast standards.



Muxing and Delivery

We take the confusion out of the muxing and delivery process. One mix does not fit all of the various delivery platforms. With our experience, we will bring your product to its desired market with the highest audio quality.


Who we've worked with


We would love to hear from you no matter the size or dimension of the project. Resonant Future is committed to sound development.

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